Business and Racial Awareness: Moving from Conversations to action

A free, one-time session to help you better understand racial inequality in the workplace.

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What You Learn

In this abridged session, we offer a brief primer on key topics as a starting point for your journey. 

1. Prejudice / Discrimination / Racism

First, we introduce the core concepts of prejudice, discrimination, racism. It’s important to understand the key differences between these matters.

15 Minutes

2. Systemic

Next, we dive into the systemic nature of racism. What are examples of systemic racism and how does the larger issue affect people of color at work.

15 Minutes

3. White Defensiveness

Then we’ll cover the popular defensiveness from many white people when confronted with white privilege or our history of racism.

15 Minutes

4. Action Plans

Finally, we pull it all together with high level suggestion for your next steps. We reveal ways you can help yourself and your team be more racially aware.

15 Minutes

Content Sources

Best-selling Books
3 Books are pictured: White Fragility in front, Whistling Vivaldi behind to the left, and Diversity in the Workplace behind on the right.
Dynamic Thought Leaders
Glen and Ben both speaking, in action, hands out, gesturing

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Your Hosts

Glen Guyton Standing Casual with Hands Folded and Big Smile

Glen Guyton

Glen Guyton works with organizations and leaders to help them reap the benefits that come with being more diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent.

A proven leader, Glen is a former Air Force Officer and the first African-American to serve MC USA as their Executive Director. Glen has years of executive experience, coaching leaders, and cultivating relationships with diverse volunteers and donors.

As an international speaker, Glen loves connecting with youth, young adults, and organizations seeking to stay true to their mission while navigating an increasingly diverse environment. Audiences leave Glen’s sessions equipped with the tools they need to show measurable improvement in their diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. He supports leaders in accomplishing their organizational mission with less stress, reduced risk, and greater efficiency.

Leaders in educational institutions have praised Glen for his quick-witted humor and relatability as he informs audiences. One client shared, “We are so thankful to have Glen share with our teachers and students. He did a wonderful job introducing a complex and sometimes difficult concept in a welcoming and inviting way.”

A father of two, Glen is a native of Houston, Texas, and stays in shape by running to help offset his passion for great food. He holds a B.S. in Management from the US Air Force Academy and an M.S. in Education from Regent University.

Ben Lichtenwalner

Ben helps companies fix and prevent bad boss behaviors. He is author of the critically acclaimed book, Paradigm Flip: Leading People, Teams, and Organizations Beyond the Social Media Revolution and founder of Radiant Forest, LLC as well as

Ben’s wife and children are African American. While he considers himself a woke ally, he brings candor and transparency from his own experience, to open the minds of others.

Mr. Lichtenwalner holds a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, an MBA from Lehigh University, and is a member of the National Speakers Association.

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