Study: Leadership Education Gap

Heat Map of United States Displaying the Percentage of Institutions in Each State that Offer Leadership Programs, Smallest Percentage is 7% and Highest is 34%

The Leadership Program Gap in America

Most academic institutions claim to produce great leaders. Yet, this study across 6,000+ institutions found only 15% offer leadership development programs. Get the full report for more details by state, institution, and heritages.

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"This explains why we have so many bad bosses..."

About the Report

The study analyzed 18 years of data (2000 through 2018), across 6,857 institutions, for 2,155 different program classifications (degrees or certificates). Data was sourced predominantly from the National Center for Education and Statistics’ (NCES) Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and the US Census Bureau’s 2000 census, 2010 census, and forecasts. 

The programs considered ranged from certifications of less than 1 year to post-doctoral research programs. For inclusion in the study, the data had to be submitted to the NCES’s annual data gathering reports. For more details about the data, see Methodology.

"Is it any wonder why politicians don't know how to lead?"

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Top 3 Findings

Employers expect thousands of hours invested before hiring applicants for most professional positions. Yet, when promoted to people leadership roles, only a fraction of that investment is expected for the newly required leadership skills.

Typical Time Investment
Graph Displaying Typical Hours Invested for Associates Degree is 2160 hours, Bachelor 4320, Masters 6480, Doctorate 8640, Experts 10000, but Leadership Development is only 128 hours
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